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Monster Boy was just a real treat of a game with a really good soundtrack and it seems to have gone under the radar. I think more people should play it! Especially if you like classic platformy actioney games

This is one of my favourite songs from Monster Boy. Also one of the my fav, like, "start of adventure" video games songs in general I think

just real upbeat and catchy O:

Wow my hometown has a population of 800-something. It was around 1200 or so last I checked when I still lived there. I'm gonna take credit for inspiring the exodus from shitty nowhere Iowa town #022

So I switched to a cheaper phone plan this year so we could save a bit of cash, as my one year sign on bonus was about to expire and would leave me with more data than I normally use anyways. Tuuuurns out I'm on the cheaper plan now but the bonus data never got removed from the plan? So uh


I may try doing an art stream later today? It's been a while

[literally anyone is nice to me]

Me, internally: god that's so gay

Violence mention 

immigration stress, trans issues, overthinking 

immigration stress, trans issues, overthinking 

I'm pretty sure our apartments bathroom was originally a closet or pantry before the house was converted in to apartments

I'm gonna shave my dang legs and bathe with my dang wife

One of the things I'm most excited about going to a convention for:

The hotel room will have a normal human sized shower and possibly even a bath tub

From the brilliant minds that brought us all SWORD LESBIANS, comes SCIENCE LESBIANS

Look at this photo, taken by a robotic emissary we sent, the backlit crescent of an icy world that's orbited undisturbed over 4 billion miles away. Pure, pristine, untouched material from the formation of our Solar System 4.6 billion years ago.

It's us; it's what we were made of before we came to be.


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