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Hey, I have a Ko-fi, so whether you want to thank me for drawing so much underwear, or bribe me to stop, consider throwing a few bucks my way. I'll be eternally grateful.
👉 👈

Of course, please only do it if you really want to. Nobody owes me anything, you'll only get gratitude in return, and I'll keep drawing undies regardless. :D

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Howdy howdy! I'm Goronic. I'm an asexual cartoon opossum who lives in your garbage, and I have a strange fascination with drawing underpants. :D

First time doing miter cuts on a table saw, and I made a honeycomb shelf. :D

(That middle shelf was a pain to get right. In the end, the teacher had to cut it himself, and even he kept cutting it way too short. This was like, his 4th attempt. :P)

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Neat little place you have here. Have some art for your eyeballs as an awkward way of saying hello.

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Evidently I've never drawn my underwerewolf in boxer briefs.
I should draw more boxer briefs in general. They're cool.

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you ever notice that samus holds her canon from below in Metroid fusion because she’s weaker than usual, as opposed to how she usually holds it with her hand on top?

Nobody's given me 5 million dollars and a car and a house. Worst birthday ever. :D

Birthday's in like, 5 hours. I hope you bought me a job and a car and a house and 5 million dollars. 😎✨

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Oh! My local makerspace is getting a CNC router and a laser cutter. IDK what sort of stuff I'd make with 'em, but this is Cool™ and Exciting™ anyway. 👀

I've always wanted to play around with these things, but now that I know I can, I have no ideas. 👀✨

Logged into one of my old neopets account to discover that my lemon is 6660 days old.
I don't really play neopets anymore since my original account was banned in 2016 "for my protection" but it's neat that I've managed to keep one of my original pets for over 18 years.

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Evidently, my Andes Mint husky also makes for a Good Neon Boi™ when recolored. 👀

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i just want to show you an unedited photo that guy fieri posted today

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Friendly reminder that the Mogmas in Skyward Sword had perfect little toe beans, but they spent most of their time in the ground so you rarely got to see 'em.

I remembered this old robot character I drew a few years ago, and I wanted to update them to look more like a toy

Here's a spider with paws and undies. Hugging him will cure your arachnophobia.

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