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new page is postedddd on my site

webcomics are a great way to deal w being bored and cooped up so maybe,, give mine a,,,whirl.,,, its a bunch of scifi alien medical conspiracy ptsd survivor stuff

i draw it in ink n paint

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Sin in Space is done
all 27 chapters plus the flubs file & a retrospective are now on the site and u can DL them

or, you could i guess listen on youtube but ew lol

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seriously considering time traveling back to march just to catch the things that vanished that i missed bc i was like, one day into the game idk

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hhfhfdhsfhd i only need the ant and i'll have caught all the fish and bugs for april

i finally caught the stupid popeye goldfish!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i need the blue marlin and the tuna


lewd, genital mention, transmasc, shitposty, self depriciating humor 

covid, massachusetts, filing unemployment PSA 

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long shot, but i don't suppose anyone here has any experience with medical tourism?

covid, - 

new england housing request from past roommate, boosts requested 

Go to bed cial

I cant the eggman battle music wont stop playing in my head

Hes like suit n tie city executive guy so imagining him w a chicken cracks me up bc in my head hes in a suit still & holding the hen like a foot out w a look of mixed fear & confusion on his face

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I rly wanna call keps dad mr treflupagus next time i see him but i prob will wimp out bc i already used my weirdo token confessing to him i wanna see him hold a chicken

nightmares, sleep stress 

Idk why but zipper isnt even on my island yet (too new?) and im so grateful

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