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h e h the NEW LAYOUT and new comic page are LIVE

please check out the fruits of my six days in css hell & if you notice any weird errors lmk please!

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oh well w/e i did sin in space chapters 24, 25 and 26 today and put the mp3s on my site

cw ep 25 for operation w/o anesthetic & gun death, more details in the ep itself's audio cws

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Ohhhh i gotta renew some domains damnit n heck

i should prob pin this:

hi! im duende. i had a panic attack and deleted my first account (oops)

the admins were nice enough to let me re-create with my old username but i lost all my followers and content

so basically, if ur suddenly seeing us no longer as mutuals:

i didnโ€™t unfollow or block u! im just dumb. feel free to follow me again if u did previously!!!

i never saved a list of who was doing so, so im not gonna do a mass-DM chain or anything

anyway awrwrrarwrarwrr


Ren is still being needy n cuddly how am i ever gonna do workouts

teespring removed my nidoqueen design again so idk what it is about that specific pokemon that nintendo doesnt want me selling shirts of

always sunny is extremely problematic but its also extremely good and funny and holy shit this last season was incredible.

my only complaint was no artemis

im sure ppl have made this joke already but i cant stop thinking about danny devito so here we are

youve heard of elf on the shelf

but prepare yourself for

the troll in your hole

the pokemon porn discourse continues 

I have escorted alph to the dr, so he has made it to the apt he kept trying to avoid. It is done

USA Revealed to have the most CCTV cameras per capital and per citizen in the world, far exceeding China.

pokemon porn discourse 

pokemon porn discourse 

I had a revelation today

All thru cancer treatment ive had boomers telling me i handled it without complaint

But really its just they dont know how to listen to what millenials are saying

I mean no duh but this... rly drove that home?

The title card is going to use some variant of Roger-Dean-inspired lettering for no real reason other than "I wanna make pretty letters." Which is a good reason, so that's what's happening.

Here's some early proof-of-concept stuff.

Wow now i rly can do a new run of bug dark n poison

Snom, dwebble, ninjask... bisharp ... i forget the others..

clock needs a ref sheet but the big problem here is it means drawing him like 30 times and i never finish his drawings anymore rip

2020, finally take Clock the armadillo-dragon out of retirement

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