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i draw comic -> <-

paint, marker, its all scifi alien conspiracy-y and heres the latest update..

which comes w a big ol Alcohol CW on the page

pls check it out thanks i work hard on it!! (also pls boost this post tysm)

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Reads thru half a book
Ehh maybe i should read the second half tomorrow

high seas rp art 


oh short chapter this week

weird 40s communist mars fiction w a shitty doctor ahoy its

SIN IN SPACE chapter 22

Rat status: ripping up an empty oatmeal packet excitedly

workout, injuryposting 

Destroys the house w a giant stick "i love this"

I would like a 52 inch stick

No special reason

It would make gettin off the floor easier tho

Costumes are fun i rly wanna go to the renfair n suit around. But i need a STICK

How!!! Do i get cloud strife polygon arms someone bring me ikea cardboard


injuryposting, spouse 

weed, vapes, dry herb vapes, retailer suggestion 


vaping regulation discourse, cannabis adj 

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