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Hihi, I'm a Yoshi! I'm a software programmer who does gamedev and pixel art on the side.

Some things I enjoy: Linux, dragons, hugs (if you're okay with them), Sonic CD, old hobbyist games, puzzle games, mascot platformers, weird 3D environments, cozy spaces, water shaders, SNES hardware, game engine tech, sonas, sincerity, and probably more things I forgot!

First three images by me, fourth by @TheShoujoPrince

While we're still memeing about gamers I'd like to draw everyone's attention to what may just be one of the most self-serving and self-aggrandizing tech demos ever... from 2005. It's nVidia's GeForce 7800 demo, featuring a GeForce 7800 in a Souped Up Gamer Rig, with a groan-worthy cameo from nVidia's previous GeForce 6 demo featuring a mermaid.

Introducing "Mad Mod Mike"

Anyone have any good recommendations for a headset/earset that works well for people wearing glasses? So many of them just pinch the arms of the glasses against the side of my head and it's not fun.

Suggestions greatly appreciated

moped in the area. it's a custom Puch Pinto. Was stolen last night from a secure basement. be on the lookout

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Today's been nothing but technical difficulties

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Decided I'm going to be a dragon.

Doodled up a pixel art flat color of my dragonsona the other day and I really like them a lot

Excited to see how other folks draw them

I wanna work on my new sona

But I also wanna work on my game engine

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Oh hey there's a barcade downtown

And they sell non-alcoholic drinks

Howdy. I need a job in the Seattle area.
SKILLS: Game design / programming (C#, LUA, Javascript, etc). The rare beast who can do it all.

WORK XP: I've worked on several (2) AAA Games as a Game designer, I've also worked as a game programmer + QA. I am mainly looking for game design work but I'll consider a lot.

How you can help: if you work somewhere or know someone, please get in touch. If you don't feel free to boost it. Can provide linkedin via dm

game work:


Playing a Janky Version of Breakout on a CRT TV Sitting Behind a Mirror in the Bathroom of a Gourmet Restaurant at 2:19 PM

is my new favourite game

Update: Found someone to play my first two levels and now they're getting random plays! It seems like what needs to happen is the level needs at least one like and one clear.

So it seems that unlike the first game, my Mario Maker 2 levels aren't getting plays by themselves. Anyone know of any good Mario Maker 2 groups for discussing, making, and sharing levels?

My Maker ID is DQJ-H2C-5PF

For those wondering about levels being impossible: haven't run into any like that yet (they all seem to be designed pretty sensibly) and unlike single player, *everything* respawns

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