Just a heads-up; it seems I've got an impersonator. No mutual servers or friends, but they used Discord Nitro to replicate my Discord tag number.

If you get an invite, I'd advise you decline it.

My Discord is Hiro#1660, exactly as written, and will always be displayed verbatim in the bio of any social media I use. Don't accept any substitutes.

A couple'a peeps have asked about this, with my birthday's coming on the 20th - so here's my wishlist! :>


Re-shared this on Twitter, and felt like sharing it here, because I love it so much!

Here's my newt critter, Mute! Your spaceship engine was dirty and busted, but they got the job done!

((🎨 - furaffinity.net/user/dramamine ))

I'm still hollerin' over SJW pizza toppings.

Don't know why the gamers were getting riled up. It's been obvious to us from the start that the only straight representation in Overwatch is Torbjörn.

Shed it entirely, revealing a coat of glistening crimson scales.

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Thanks for everyone that came to the stream! For some reason, this stream was way more popular than usual!

New Year's Resolutions:

• destroy

Insurgency Sandstorm is pretty dang good. The PvE is a whole lot of fun.

Add me on Steam!


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 🎉🎄

Trying to optimise DIY around the house...

Meme from Twitter. Playing this one straight.

🎨 - twitter.com/spazmatism !

Guy on Facebook going off on one at Pizza Hut for, and I quote, "doing sjw pizza topings[sic]".

Does YOUR local pizzeria stock SJW pizza toppings? Is critical feminist theory mixed into the marinara? Do they add a sprinkle of Cultural Marxism with the cheese? Stay diligent!

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