"You haven't interrupted even once!"


A piece I put together for twitter.com/spacerychen ! 💛 I'm rather pleased with how this turned out!

Been a year since I got my hair cut. It's gained about 20cm or so.

I look like such a mess today...

Even when work's gone quiet, Mute loves tinkering with electronics!

🎨 - twitter.com/spazmatism ! 💜

eBay just suggested I buy a navy-blue beanie with the design


The more tired and washed-out your fursona looks, the better their aesthetic, tbqh.

(🎨 - Geckomania, SunsetAria, SusieBlackSheep, me!)

Gen1: Team Rocket, Giovanni
Gen2: Team Rocket, Archer
Gen3: Team Magma & Aqua, Maxie & Archie
Gen4: Team Galactic, Cyrus
Gen5: Team Plasma, Ghetis
Gen6: Team Flare, Lysandre
Gen7: Team Skull, Guzma
Gen8: Team UKIP, Carlgon from Swindon

Your Large Dragon Pal Hiro Comes To Your House And Munches All Your Snacks ASMR

"Come sit down and watch a movie with me!

...Sorry about the lack of space on the sofa. They don't really make these things in my size."

Random message on F-list:

"hello do you live in brazil"

"No, I don't."


H... How do I answer this...?

There's space to snuggle up with your big dragon friend!!


Quick doodle from the other day, trying to scrape the rust off.

Just a heads-up; it seems I've got an impersonator. No mutual servers or friends, but they used Discord Nitro to replicate my Discord tag number.

If you get an invite, I'd advise you decline it.

My Discord is Hiro#1660, exactly as written, and will always be displayed verbatim in the bio of any social media I use. Don't accept any substitutes.

A couple'a peeps have asked about this, with my birthday's coming on the 20th - so here's my wishlist! :>


Re-shared this on Twitter, and felt like sharing it here, because I love it so much!

Here's my newt critter, Mute! Your spaceship engine was dirty and busted, but they got the job done!

((🎨 - furaffinity.net/user/dramamine ))

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