May I draw your attention to the 1987 shitposting tool "Create With Garfield."

I feel like we could have some fun with this one, joyously available online here:

Cc: @garfiald

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My local independent coffee shop has this on their register right now and I think everyone needs to be reminded of this sometimes.

"My son, Levi, is autistic. He doesn't like having his photos taken because he gets uncomfortable with things like eye contact and smiling on command. So instead of begging and pleading for a few good photos, this year him and Lola went a different route. Why not let him wear a t-rex costume and make the best of it? 😂"

the photo set is better than described

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Btw I have no idea what happened. I just opened it up and it looked like that.

It's not a huge priority to replace it, I don't do work on it usually. I will get something cheap soon.

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