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Happy dogs are one of the few pure sources of positive energy in the galaxy

There exists one piece of in-game evidence in favor of the widespread Internet joke that Yoshi does not pay his taxes: in Fortune Street, Yoshi is the only one out of 26 characters that requests to be exempt from paying taxes when the player builds a new tax office.

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flake jay (a-woo ooo)!

art by / @AdriMakesArt who slayed it completely all of the way out of the park

Anyway here's a low-fi shoegazey cover I made of the Apples in Stereo song from the Powerpuff Girls Movie.

The creator of Animal Crossing talking about how he made the game because he was lonely and then proceeded to make a game about hanging out with furries is a big mood

He's here... To give ya pizza, matey!

(the paper curtains were a paaain)

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