@Hootwheels I think the black frames look better. The white ones are swallowed by the skintone so are harder to see against the dark hair, but paradoxically this makes it harder to pull th eeyes away from them because they're JUST visible enough to keep drawing the eye, so it's harder (for me at least) to properly examine other details.
The black frames show up better, and are more visible but do not detract from the rest of the features, making a nicer appearance.

I might be talking outta my arse tho. I dunno. I am not an authority on appearance or colours or fashion (hoooboy definitely not fashion).

@Nine you've pretty much nailed the reasons why i can't decide. I like white frames in general, but in this configuration it's kinda conflicting with everything around it. meanwhile the black frames look great, but it has a completely different vibe. im trying to weigh out what's more important to me so i can make a decision and it's hardddddd

@Hootwheels mood :<

I'm like, super bad with design too. Usually why all my characters have like... one outfit. because by the time I've figured out ONE that looks good I'm just like "HAHAHA FUCK THE IDEA OF THINKING OF MORE OH MY GOD imma just be a videogame character for the rest of this character's life idgaf"

@Hootwheels I'm about in the same boat as you---I like the white ones better, but this iteration of the black frames is easier to look at on an avatar.

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