Me and @kit got some cute art from :birdsite:@jpmeshew! you boys better look out because we got cooties and we ain't 'fraid to use 'em!

"my number? sorry boy, I only give it out to girls."

Beautiful new art of CJ from :birdsite:@SuperNSFWZhenya

Watch my first ever drift competition on Aero's stream here! Cheer on your girl Lucariwhoa's Godzilla GT-R!

Watch the Outrun Open stream, where I'll be competing in my VERY FIRST drift competition streamed live from the host's twitch channel!!!!! see you all there!

im mad that i chuckled at this old FB post I made in 2015

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anyway here are some other shots from the game.

or maybe the spell i cast actually worked lol

knowing this game is scuffed means big but boring wins in between a lot of waiting.

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i have more than one character and it was fun thinking about who voices who, so here's an extended director's cut

i'd be remiss of me not to make my literally the sassiest voice in the kim possible universe

gonna make a buncha car bros mildly uncomfortable at a drift comp in two weeks AMA

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VR Selfies, uncanny valley maybe Show more

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