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Lewd, cyberpunky, really gay, trans, bigggggg. elements of d/s and mechanical violence Show more

We will be extending no nut November

Okay, so wholesome time, snouts.

I was getting some Christmas themed YCHs for myself and the bun wife and I tipped the artist. They ended up making a colored sketch for me as a way to say thank you and just... ;-;

I love making others happy. Support small artists!

Artwork by @[email protected]

What if all the new activity is people talking about Tumblr

"my number? sorry boy, I only give it out to girls."

Beautiful new art of CJ from :birdsite:@SuperNSFWZhenya

hi snouts! we have an announcement to make regarding our patreon, the current state of the instance, and a great way to get involved as a community. this one's really important to us so please read!

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Gamers were a mistake and you cannot change my mind.

I forgot I had a Mastodon account. Sorry.

Limited sneak peek at my shitty art:

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