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anyone else get a tutorial when they visited the web browser version of Snouts?

selfie, boosts ok 

abdl discourse, venting 

Complaining about Forza. [2/2] 

Complaining about Forza. 

Link to archive of Wii Shop content 

irl lewd selfie, eye contact 

realization, trans stuff (+++) 

this is probably the most slapstick shit thats happened to me in this game

boost this good girl and good things will happen to you today. the good things will still happen to you if you don't boost I'm just giving you an opportunity to see my cute owl girl and have some good vibes to start off your day. good morning!

here's a timecoded video link about why storing tokens as incrementally counted values is a bad idea (starts 2:24, section ends 3:21)

horny sticker addition 

sappy gay drawing 

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