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Another admin post:
Please feel free to address me, @Ace or anyone else on the moderation team with ANY issues you may have, such as with the site, with users, or with us. Open communication y'all.

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Other admin post:
You are not required to follow me, I am not required to follow you. I am not "stalking" your posts, we are all friends here, but I will bring down the hammer if absolutely necessary. But we're cool let's all be cool. Cool? Cool.

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Unofficial official admin post of rules (copied from the 3 rules my mom gave me)
1) Don't get arrested
2) Don't get a disease
3) Don't intentionally harm anyone else.
Have fun y'all

im fuckin ready to go hard at Round1 tomorrow

Im losing my goddamn mind i just saw this in front of my car

Gonna chill and play some animal fortnite off stream

Yoooo we're live! k-shoot mania! It's a Sound Voltex sim! Rhythm games! AAAAAAA

Good morning! What if I did a Sound Voltex/k-shoot mania morning stream? Kinda in the mood to do so.

just kidding I don't have a lot of energy today

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Over the years of being single I'm done doing the whole sour grapes thing. It's okay. I'm okay with it. A relationship would be nice and I'm sometimes self-conscious about it but I'm notoriously picky, I don't want a relationship for the pure sake of having one.

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