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Ah fuck I bumped into a dude in a red flannel at Starbucks and accidentally formed an incredibly successful two piece folk duo

the most powerful snouts posters are in the apartment now

Leftists really love their “Solid Air Or Tea”

Trying to cut down on caffeine still but being at the car waiting lounge is making resisting the temptation DIFFICULT cause they have complimentary keurig and I’ve had over an hour to kill, getting sleepy and bored lol

I was gonna call em yesterday to see if they had Heroic Verse but I was like "I'll call em tomorrow" I did not anticipate the possibility I'd have the timing to be up and in their direction before they're even open lmao

Good excuse to get my car taken care of so I can go hog wild at Round1 at opening so: hell yeah

Yo what's up I'm up mega early for a saturday. I went to sleep early cause I was just SO tired and just kinda naturally woke up. Also my tumby needed food so hey early start to the day

anyway I'm going to sleep now, lots of beatmania to play tomorrow

person "hhaha check out this cool thing"
me: if it doesn't involve me sleeping or playing beatmania do NOT talk to me I am VERY busy

There’s a lot going on this weekend and I don’t need it but I kinda want the hoop ring Switch fitness game

My roommates be like “Digimon cyber sleuth” I’m out here like “Beatmania”

oh my god the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure uh fitness RPG game came out today???

hard to swallow pills: them big ass asprins

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