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*to the tune of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles* GameCube Game Eternal Darkness~

Hey so like. This SEEMS like a good idea but is anyone going to be comfortable just jumping into a new payment processor just cause they say it’s good we swear?

Yeah god this is what I needed. I needed to just get out of the house today and do my own thing

Extreme venting, ghosting Show more

Extreme venting, ghosting Show more

Happy father's day @Ace who stole this joke from my brain as I was about to type it

Don't forget to wish your dog a happy father's day

it's a perfect dad day. A day for Dads. Take today to connect with your Dad, respect thy father. Or don't, I'm not your dad.

If I can manage to drag my ass to the bank by 2pm for quarters and maybe do laundry that would be great.
Kinda wanna maybe do some shopping too idk. Wanna check out a bookstore

what i lack in money, i make up for in puppy

ugh my tum is fucked up from dinner last night, woke up super early, ate something but still not feeling great

*stubs my toe* ARGH why can't I have any REAL haters instead of weeaboos and furries

I "had" a "new" battery in there from YEARS ago but even fresh from the store it didn't properly keep time even if it preserved my save so I'm going fresh

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bought some cheap basic tools to replace the battery in my pokemon crystal cart. It's nostalgia time

Just impulse bought another game boy color off ebay. Gonna eventually mod it with a backlight kit when and if those ever get back in stock. goodnight

im taking a nap cause being ghosted is making me moody

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