cool girls ignore the super bowl and make large miniature tokens out of Snapple caps.


1d8 + 10 dmg

I love being a Fighter + Hexblade

Letting anyone who cares know I'm more or less okay.

suggestive but non-explicit furry art / shirtless 

Which one do you consider the best Disgaea game, and why?


Any hidden shy admirers can totally say hi btw. n_n I'm a friendly fox.

I love that the furry fandom is, besides a big geek fandom, a great big queer haven as well. Full of folk with all sorts of variant orientations, genders, ideals, and even philosophies.

Honestly it's great.

YOU'RE great!

Hey all. I can't see very well and it looks like it's gonna be permanent, so I'm sorry I'm absentee.

BTW lesbian romance is so cute for some reason don't you think?

writing, completed writing you can actually read, queer non-furry erotica 

Hey all. I've been awful lately, with my health problems but besides being 75% blind now I... got me a figurine for tabletop roleplaying! I think she's keen, what about y'all? Got it from and a lil' extra money had 'em paint it for me. ♥

I don't know why I'm still up when I'm essentially blind in my left eye and mostly blind in my right. Nothing I can really do other than sleep. Anyway, love you all and hope you're doing well. ♥ G'night.

trauma mood- 

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