I own a riding crop but no horse. I also only sleep with my fox plush.nMy purse is so pink.

...I’m weird, aren’t I?

(yes I use Smile cause I’m quarantined. I help out a polyamory charity.)

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my complexion has really cleared up. That uhh milk? stuff seems to work.

legal drugs 

Yes I’m a-genius that’s what my medical marijuana’s for. (to convince me)


Imagine a shortbread cookie the size and shape of a starfish but the middle has a circle cut out of it with a stylized ridge.


Come sit with me and enter a dream; a long meandering dream that twists and turns but never ends. It just folds back and loops into itself with endless iterations.

But you’re safe while you’re with me. Safe so long as we’re together. So hold on tight and never let me go.

I really dig it but there’s no monsters in the core book, so I have to check the wiki first

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since we've all thoroughly accepted that cultural norms are bullshit in terms of gender and sexuality, can we extend that to monogamy? can we get a "hell yeah" for poly folks?

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