I don't know why I'm still up when I'm essentially blind in my left eye and mostly blind in my right. Nothing I can really do other than sleep. Anyway, love you all and hope you're doing well. ♥ G'night.

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What is it about the trash anime of Overlord that I can't help but be sucked into and love it?

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I'm so blind right now. I can't read words because of warp in my eyeballs. I dunno if it's due to brain swelling or what but uhh... yikes.

Going to sleep now and hoping I never wake up.

My hair is now pink with a purple stripe along the side, nice and long. G'night. ♥


I don't know if game industry workers realize what kind of leverage they even have if they form a union. While not totally un-scab-able, there are always peculiarities to any code base or artistic workflow. It would take a good week before scabs would even be able to make any discernible progress and management would get cold feet real fast.

If you have a bit of a crush on me, let me know. It's okay. I have a little crush on me too.

Death Stranding will either be high art or an absolutely fascinating disaster, and either way I an going to pipe a game that was an excuse to hang out with Norman Reedus and go on dinner dates with Mads Mikkelsen in streetwear directly into my brain just to see what the hell.

@torideer Fffff! Lemme know when you're able / willing to accept a) color avatar commission (even just coloring the avatar you did for me already) b) a possible ref sheet though I know that may be outside what you're willing to do.

I need more tori arts. Q_Q

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