My intestines are writhing I think I should eat something.

I feel so disconnected with vidja gaming lately. Like I'm playing No Man's Sky which is an old grandma game and... last AssCreed I played was the one in London? And I barely registered there was a new one... maybe two or three by now?

Oof, up way too late. Wuvou all please be gentle to yourselves and each other. ♥

Had dinner out with my mum. *sigh* Home again and able to be trans and gay.

Goodnight, brave fuzzy people. Treasure those who care about and respect you, and may you have lots of joy, comfort, and good fortune. ♥

I don't like crispy cookies, and I got some from Wendy's. So I'm trying this trick where I put a slice of bread in a ziplock with them and supposedly the cookies will draw the moisture out of the bread and get all soft.

Breakfast cookies ahoy.

⚗️ 👩‍🔬

I was told I have dimples today and that made me feel good about myself for the first time in... ever.

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Goodnight everyone. I hope things are well for you and you bring a bit of relief or happiness to others.

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Goodnight everyone. Be gentle and kind, and hopefully others treat you the same way. That means you, too. Be gentle to yourself, and kind.

You are The Last Dragon. You've got the power of the Glow.

Kiss my Converse, Sucka!


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