here's your periodic reminder that "being trans" is simply not identifying consistently as the gender you were assigned at birth! it doesn't mean "transitioning", nor "taking hormones", nor "getting surgery". It doesn't even mean dressing differently! (though many trans people do several of these things!)

also! nonbinary folks are trans generally speaking! You can opt out of the trans label/community, but being nonbinary inherently meets the singular condition of being trans mentioned above!


@poss_bot Last part applies to agender and intersexed folk as well~.

Thank you for your support, but intersex (it's not "intersexed") folks aren't inherently trans, as they are assigned a binary gender at birth, and can identify with that assigned gender (and so be cis) or not (and so be trans), and agender folks *are* nonbinary ;)

Some gender talk 

Some gender talk 

Some gender talk 

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