- this user has been suspended from snouts, just as an FYI. Just keepin our users safe.

I know a few people were worried about this person so I just want to make folks aware

@Inazuma I'm five-nines certain that account was automated, given the rate at which it was finding new accounts to harass with its bullshit, but either way I'm glad to see the quick action from Snouts staff. Good catbirb, bein' all communicative an' stuff. 💙

@Inazuma this account is a clone, they keep creating accountson various instances so they can spam me and various others

@Inazuma Thanks for the heads up -- we've done the same on plush.city. Also reported to tootdon.nl.

@Inazuma Since I haven't been too active here for the last couple of days what was this user doing may I ask?

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