so i got switched to a new team at work after a few months of stagnation on my old team that basically died because no one used our platform anymore; everyone built proprietary versions of the platform we owned and it was just...a bad process.

i thought i'd be coming into this team kinda blind and dumb and on one hand, i am? i don't really know much about the back end of this data (it's all financial data and it's all very convoluted)

but the flip side of this is that this entire team has been using the platform we built and the software we've been using for six years

i've come onto this team as a Tableau GOD

everyone comes to me for help

i've been tasked with cleaning and rebuilding their entire dashboarding process/system and i keep having to field the most softball questions about the software and I LOVE IT

tl;dr work is so much more fulfilling these days, my coworkers are all v nice, and i'm frantically tryin to get everything done before i fuck off to ANE and sweden in like a week and a half aaaaaa :D

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