gonna tell a story about my day today

so backstory: my HRT scrip was showing up as "u cant fill this until aug 6" which was bad since i needed to do a dose on the 5th. so last week i called planned parenthood to get a refill. they sent it over to my cvs and also a different cvs, because my original cvs was out of the medication

cut to yesterday: no update, but i worked from home anyway so i figured ok, i'll just be a day late, whatever, it happens, today i can pick it up


today i called the second cvs to get an update and they had no record of it ever being sent over

so i called PP. they said they'd have to call me back. okay. waited two hours. they called me back and said they'd send the scrip to CVS 2 again. Called CVS 2. "no record!" I called CVS 1 to see if they needed me to verify anything to get that sent over. BINGO I FOUND THE SECRET KEY. They sent over my scrip to CVS 2. 2PM hits. I get the notif: UR SHIT IS READY. hell yea, here we go!

Go to CVS 2. "oh we just have your HRT! all the administering supplies come in a few days."

WHAT. OK. so i resign myself to missing a dose.

Then I decide to call CVS 1

"oh all that stuff is here, come pick it up today~!"



the world

the worst part is that i literally had a giant excel report due today and i'm nowhere near done bc i spent three fucking hours of my day on the phone with CVS

@Hi_cial it's honestly exhausting n i dont have the bandwidth for it today omg

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