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I did it I got around the sun again weeeee

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new mascot (her name is Scarlet, she was made by @Pyradox!) will be posted on new years

new year new snout!!!

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I’ve been getting so much art of this boy ;;;;

This one is a gift from @/pineappbull on birdsite!

Btw IS there a snouts discord? I’m tryin to get onto that platform a little more and I feel like being in a place with people I know a bit already might be good! 💖

If there’s ever anything you want to talk through off the site, my telegram is sportsballcat! I can sometimes take a bit to respond but it’s another outlet if you need it!

Seein some meta posts floating around and I just want to post another lil reminder that if there’s anything snouts staff can do to help your experience please let us know! I personally don’t want this to be a stressful experience for anyone, but a new social media site with a new set of rules to navigate and figure out as we go can get overwhelming, I know. Y’all are great though 💖

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that's me in the corner
that's me in the spotlight
that's me in the combination corner/spotlight

I’m very excited to leave for NYFB in a couple days! n_n gonna see loads of good pals

there's a typo in that toot

i do not care


just a friendly gently snouts staff reminder to our members and those engaging with them:

please remember to engage with each other in good faith. That means please don't subtoot, vaguepost, screenshot dunk. If you have issues with someone, either address them directly or file a report with your friendly local snouts admin team!

Let's make this a good space for EVERYONE, please!

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