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mostly i'm contemplating whether to konmari the shit out of all my belongings before or after i move everything to newton. i guess i can at least go through all my clothes and such??

me, 33 years old who up until a few years ago moved at least every nine months, often packing everything into a compact car to move across state lines: *paralyzed by the thought of having ONLY!!!! 11 days in which to move all my things 15 minutes down the road*

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Hey y’all! I know this is gonna sound goofy, but please take a moment to refresh yourselves on our code of conduct! It really never hurts!

It’s a living document that we regularly update as necessary, and it’s important to remember what is and isn’t permitted on here so we can make this place the healthiest community possible together! Thank you so much!

hmm,,,,starting to worry about the logistics of being out of my apartment by 2/15

maybe I'll grab a few bins on my way to take care of the cat tonight c_c

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furry trashpost 

am good birb

I’m even kinda feeling like I deserve to say that about myself today


Me: hey scales can u pls remind me when I get home to actually buy a goddamn light box
Scales: *sends photo of light box shipping tracker bc he just bought one for me*

I’m cry ;;

There’s gotta be a good cat euphemism for ‘pupdate’

I know a few people were worried about this person so I just want to make folks aware

- this user has been suspended from snouts, just as an FYI. Just keepin our users safe.

frustration -- 

i want to commission like 381748395 things of remy now omfg SO IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW ITERATION OF MYSELF asdhfldg <333333333

russian coworker bailed on me but i'm actually feeling social today for once oh no

kinda wish the Fediverse didn't feel so much like just yelling into the void sometimes, but it's also good in that regard?

almost want to get a TF sequence done from Ina to Remy. Regular sized snow lep shrinks, somehow gets FLUFFIER, new beak, slightly more delicate frame...

i just wanna go full sploot right now omg

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