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NSFW, commission, furry smut 

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Birdsite link, NSFW art 

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NSFW, horny commission 

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Horny, art of my sona, NSFW 

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Horny, NSFW comm, my sona 

Like, I want it to be good! I do! But I keep holding those kinda games to be the same level as like, Bakugan Battle Brawlers on the Wii, which is hard to beat I guess.

SHIT. That Yugioh Switch game comes out tomorrow. I hope itll be good...

Why does my dumb goblin brain let me vividly remember old as shit Wii games I used to play, but not yknow. Important stuff.

*hears a kinda popular song*
Me: oh, this sounds like some music from *obscure childhood Wii game*
Also me: what in the fuck was I doing an hour ago.


So like...if you have a dominant hand, does that mean the other hand is a sub? Could you say "this hands the top, this one bottoms"?

Its meeee, the birthday gorl. Cheezits and ramen would be good presents.

my first attempt at backsouls was flawed, the 2nd character is really pointless but i just wanted to have a voice for my friends who where giving me advice. in retrospect it works better without words

CoW for implied injuries

My birthday is tomorrow, buy me a cool otomatone so I can make some sick jams.

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