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NSFW, commission, furry smut 

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Birdsite link, NSFW art 

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NSFW, horny commission 

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Horny, art of my sona, NSFW 

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Horny, NSFW comm, my sona 

I got gift art from my friend! They're not on Mastodon, but they are on Birdsite.

Anyway, here's me and Mel being cute. :D

So can someone explain what's goin on with Fortnite?? I think I missed some big news or something.

Lewd, kink, cursed, shitpost 


The fursona arc has come to a close after a whole ass year.

Everyone, meet my hybrid!!!
(Huge thank to
@fluxom_art for their interpretation of em, I love em to shreds ;www;)

Intro post 

Digital art commissions; eye contact may be present :boost_ok: 

This is the best advice it took me over 30 years to figure out/need to remind myself of.

New art! Thanks for enjoying this piece. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Happy !!! @SpaceyTwinkles bestowed upon us this week's absolutely lovely Snorlax, but he did not answer the pivotal question: do Snorlaxes have snouts???

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