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I commissioned a height chart with my characters (and an average human for comparison)! :D


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Ready for combat!

I just got this commission of my yeen Jaryl from KousenZephyr over at birdsite, and I like it a lot! <3

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I commissioned a new reference sheet for Jaryl!
This time with an alternate summer look! :D


with the pot of greed I can draw 2 more cards

that being said, I do still really like these games. Partially because I grew up with them, but also partially because they're still pretty damn good 2D topdown Zelda games.

on one hand, they are like "Link's Awakening taken up to eleven" in many ways like the engine, overworld variety and items, but on the other hand, I think the dungeons don't really go quite up to the ones Link's Awakening had in terms of quality.
Sure, they're bigger and more challenging, but bigger ≠ better.

I hope they maybe do an Oracle of Seasons & Ages remake at some point in the future. Or at least a new Oracles game that has the Oracle of Secrets in a main role, because I really like the feel of those games.

if Jaryl were human he'd most definitely have a tan, what with being a fire magic user and him traveling around a lot, that would tan your skin quite a bit.

Hm, I kinda wanna play Oracle of Seasons again...
*cue camera pan over to the myriads of games I haven't finished even once yet*

it's 29°C in the storage hall at work, and I hate this 😖

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"What's on your mind?" asks Mastodon
"Porn and videogames" I answer without a second thought.

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speaking of, let Link wear rings for power ups again.
Give him the power bling.

I just remembered this one Subrosia guy from Zelda: Oracle of Seasons who's really into signs, and he actually pretends to reset the game if you've destroyed enough of them.
He also gives you a ring to commemorate your hatred of signs, and it's actually completely useless.

What if Jin *did* wear the Zero Suit? :dragnthink:

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Cats? That aesthetic only works on stage when it's clearly costumes. When you've got bipedal animals walking around with flat-out human faces, you've don't have a movie, you have a photoshop meme.

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I feel like we, as a society, should be given preview press-releases of movie designs of any characters which are talking animals BEFORE it gets to a point where if it's terrifying it won't require basically redoing the movie.

"Hey consumers this design okay or did we fuck up?"

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People making upside down courses in Mario Maker

Me, flipping my Switch upside down to make the stage right side up: what now bitch

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I WAS gonna be gay and do crimes but it's too hot out so I'll just be gay

Just saw this Mario and Luigi fanart over on birdsite, and it's referencing Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3 and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure all at once, and I really wanted to share it with you guys!

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