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Ready for combat!

I just got this commission of my yeen Jaryl from KousenZephyr over at birdsite, and I like it a lot! <3

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Whoops, there goes another punching bag...

I just got this commission from Xantouke over at birdsite! :D

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I commissioned a new reference sheet for Jaryl!
This time with an alternate summer look! :D


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Another furry commission I got today! xD

It's my characters Jin and Jaryl on a walk together!


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An out of theme commission for Metal-Head-Rush on Furaffinity! :3

oh, huh, the Wii VC version of Paper Mario 1 incorrectly renders Monstar as being surrounded with these star-like particles, but the Wii U VC version shows it properly, just like back on an actual N64

one of my favorite Yoshi's Island bosses is coming up 👀

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Anyway speaking of Reggie, let me show the post that became my most successful tumblr post that keeps coming back every time there's a Nintendo Direct. It has almost 30k notes by now. In retrospect, I have no idea why I didn't just mirror the leg.

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hm, I hope the update with the upcoming modes for Tetris 99 is coming soon. And hopefully they'll also add in a manual that properly explains the new Battle Royale mechanics they added, like the targeting modes and the badges

tbh I'm glad they went with the cutesy toy-like style for the Link's Awakening remake. I dunno if a more realistically proportioned style a la BotW would've fit for the tone of the game, which is one of the sillier games in the series.

been booting up Zelda BotW occasionally recently, and I still like this place with the weird rock mushroom platforms

omg, speaking of LA (again), I hope they might redo these artworks for the remake.
Mostly because Link looks so happy to be there on these :D

I love how the boxart for this french Game Boy bundle with Tetris & Zelda Link's Awakening makes it look like Link is flying away from Koholint Island a la "I have to go, my people need me!"

I like how these two pics fit together on my desktop now

Hi, I'm Markus, I'm very passionate about this dumb, old-ass Game Boy game that happens to get a remake this year

I will fight everyone who implies that not being able to go anywhere on the map from the word "Go!" automatically means that a game is bad

inb4 Gamer Critics™ slam the Link's Awakening remake for not being YET ANOTHER open-world game, even though it is clearly being marketed as a remake of a game that already was more Metroidvania-esque with item and map progression

I think Triforce Heroes is (so far) the only Zelda game that I genuinely dislike.

single player is made incredibly tedious because you had to control three characters and only one at a time, and some stuff was almost impossible to do on your own without two other people playing with you.
and online play with others, which is the reason why I even got it in the first place, was fucking region locked, so I couldn't play together with my online friends

I just realized, the Link's Awakening love in Zelda BotW makes sense now that they annouced a remake of it.
considering how there are a lot of places in BotW!Hyrule named after characters and areas of Link's Awakening, and Eventide Island is basically a miniature version of it

also, the dance Hestu does to upgrade your inventory slots sounds suspiciously like Manbo's Mambo

imo if you want to check out the MegaMan Battle Network games, I recommend skipping 1 and starting with 2.
in my opinion, BN2 is basically the first one, but properly realized in terms of gameplay

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