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Hi there, I'm Jayne! I'm a non-binary furball from Germany who *really* likes Pokémon, which is why they make up approximately 99% of what I post about.

When not pretending to be one or multiple of them online, I also enjoy configuring or assembling PCs, eating spicy food, and dumping an irresponsible amount of time into FFXIV, Hitman or other games.

I'm also a huge daydreamer and can occasionally act a little awkward, but I like to think I'm doing my best. ✌💦

pokémon anime screenshot 

ring fit, horny screenshot, minor boss spoiler 

commission opportunity, patreon, birdsite links 

commission opportunity, patreon, birdsite links 

commissioned art, pokémon, ring fit, sfw 

snapcube, yt link 

dragon nsfw, temeraire, book 3 mini-spoiler 

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food storage advice :BoostOK: 

dragon nsfw, temeraire 

Have a shitty dad? Guess what I'm your dad now, tell me what's wrong bucko
Have a shitty mom? Guess what I'm your mom now too,
Have a shitty dog? Guess what


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lewd, e621, pokéhorny-adj 

pokéhorny shitpost 

thank u lucarios for bein lucarios

mh(~+), shitpost-y but sincere 

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