Also good morning all

Doggy is up early today ✨

I want to kiss gay boys

I know they're gay, but they're so cute and handsome and they make me proud ✨

Genitalia, trans feelings 

Pls gib money so I can buy new videos game

horny, star fox baras 


petplay, reminiscence 

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gender talk 

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Smash Ultimate 

Smash Ultimate 

gender questioning, family(-) 

My dear son Bart, I do not wish to alarm

But the boogeyman may come to do us some harm

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Another good feeling morning ❤️

Might stream soon

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with the Nintendo direct today, please remember to tag any new Pokemon info appropriately!! This includes shitposts and fan art too! Just throw a Pokemon Sword/Shield CW on your posts about any new Pokemon stuff 🧡🖤

You ever have songs that you could've sworn were a key lower than how you hear them now?


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