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thinkin bout why "body horror transformation horror story" is less scary to me than "student loans" and how it says a lot about me as a person

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like it could just be you put one in your profile name like

🔵 / ✅ doin good ayyyyyy

⚫ /⚪ hanging in there but maybe say a nice thing if you have the energy

⛔ /🚫 /🔴 doin real bad please be nice and give me space if i ask

⚠️ / 🆘 having a crash please be nice and/or assist if you're up for it

like that way all the triggering detail stuff is still under an mh(-) CW but also you can still safely share your status and know what's up with friends

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i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss

i can't really think of a less pleasant place to get misgendered than "during a bad dentist visit" but lo and behold, here we are

medical stuff - 

medical stuff - 

medical stuff - 

i'm not like mad at people makin jokes or anything

but i'm a little mad at fate for the coincidental timing

ah cool dentistry is the meme tonight

the night i nearly passed out from pain at the dentist

my luck is hilarious

idk if this is the worst day of my life, but it's definitely in the top 1

on my way to get some dentist stuff done and i'm like genuinely super terrified about it because i got a phobia hell yeah

i'm bad

real mh(-----) [show more] hours right now let me tell you

you ever get stuck in a conversation so miserable you're actually looking forward to your dental operation in 2 hours

today sucks

me: i feel like i just get talked over a lot

5 people: (immediately talking over me)


hot take: a thing america's actually really good at is food

like we have a lot of awful processed crap but you can also find a huge variety of authentic stuff from a ton of different cultures

if it was a little more accessible to people with less money it'd be perfect

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