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i'm here

i'm queer

prolonged social interaction fills me with immense existential fear

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like it could just be you put one in your profile name like

πŸ”΅ / βœ… doin good ayyyyyy

⚫ /βšͺ hanging in there but maybe say a nice thing if you have the energy

β›” /🚫 /πŸ”΄ doin real bad please be nice and give me space if i ask

⚠️ / πŸ†˜ having a crash please be nice and/or assist if you're up for it

like that way all the triggering detail stuff is still under an mh(-) CW but also you can still safely share your status and know what's up with friends

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i accidentally screenshared my full desktop during a meeting and i had to explain this to my boss

losing weight like 2% as a health thing and 98% so i can be more of a bottom

had a jewish friend in high school who called her not-jewish boyfriend her "goyfriend" and i've been thinking about it at least once a month ever since

absolutely reposting that because i'm bein vulnerable on the internet and it got buried under like two feet of shitpost joke posts instantly

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okay fuck it i'm going with like she/her/girl nonbinary, it's less "not quite girl" and more "100% girl but also some extra stuff too" but i hope it still counts

so like i'm nb i guess, i hope that's okay

wish i didn't have to make that disclaimer but so much of losing weight is wrapped up in "recovering from being fat" and it's garbo

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PS there's nothing bad about being fat and it doesn't mean fat people are lazy, it's just not comfy for me personally and it's taking a lot of effort to change it to something that fits me better

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i'd feel like it's really lazy to set up my VR overlays so i can do an 8 hour work day lying face-up in bed if i wasn't also losing weight faster this month than i have in the past 2 years

World of Horror, body horror, death 

if your computer can handle it you can turn the graphics up to 2 bits, but you'd better have a really good graphics card

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found a 2-bit hypercard-looking japanese horror roguelite RPG on steam, it's like someone just made a game about my entire aesthetic

this is my game, it was made for me

might just bottle that whole situation up so i don't make the 3 people who said "no" here angry tbh

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🎡 you used to call me on my hell phone 🎢

Show thread is just a communal gamer webcomic

αΆ¦ α΅ƒαΆœα΅—α΅˜α΅ƒΛ‘Λ‘ΚΈ ˑᢦᡏᡉ ᡗʰᡉ ᡖ˒⁡ αΆœα΅’βΏα΅—Κ³α΅’Λ‘Λ‘α΅‰Κ³

i hate that machamp is a wild pokemon. i hate it. i hate that there's roaming bands of bodybuilders majestically traversing the countryside. galar is hell

if i'm like a trans girl who's just kinda 10% "i'm not feeling it" or "i'd rather be this other thing tonight" sometimes does that actually count as being nonbinary

@Kat "you haven't found the right man yet!"

well I say you haven't found the right girl yet sharon

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