half the reason ff8 is my favorite is there's all this weird shit you can find like top 10 anime battles happening in the school cafeteria or seifer's disciplinary committee press ganging everyone into helping find weird bugs because raijin is basically a child who gets super hyped about bugs

@Kat its screenshots like this that really show that the game was translated with a game genie lmao they couldn't get the picture out of the binary so they just put a message box

@roxy it seems like every background image in each category uses the same image, so that might just be how the game worked in japanese too, but once the festival committee page opens up i'll have to check for that, you might be right on that one

@Kat I distinctly remember there being a map but they couldn't get the image data out to translate the text so they just showed an ascii drawing of what the map shoulda said on it

@roxy oh god i think i remember something like that, i'll totally let you know when i run into it

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