just got asked my pronouns at a trucker-ass gas station by a dude in a ford truck baseball cap

it's the future yall

@Kat A fantastic lesson in why we shouldn't judge on appearances~ Thank you for sharing this wholesomeness 💚

@witchfynder_finder @Kat This is cool, but I can't help but wonder...

"What are your pronouns, buddy?"
"Hey, guys! They is a real tough guy over here!"

Why would you use someone's pronouns if you're talking to them...

@m4iler @witchfynder_finder it was actually more along the lines of "is it sir or ma'am or something else" "oh, it's ma'am" "you got it ma'am" but that's clumsier to type
than "asked my pronouns" tbh

@Kat @witchfynder_finder Oh, in that case, I can understand that...

Damn, I'd feel awkward asking that, because I don't know what reaction that'd get.

I get misgendered a lot (long-haired fat guy), so I can see where this might be good to ask.

@Kat where was the gas station? you can’t just tell me about paradise and then give me no clues as to its location

@rabbithearth @saper @Kat

I suppose I'd personally preface it gently, with "If this is rude then I'm very sorry, but" and then apologize if the question was unwanted. But that's me. I'd still be asking the same exact question that way after the preface.

@sydneyfalk @rabbithearth @saper honestly it's a respectful question, just asking "hey friend, what's your pronouns" the same way you'd ask someone's favorite sports team is totally fine

@Kat @sydneyfalk @rabbithearth @saper I also think of asking for pronouns as coming from a place of respect; it's like how i'd ask someone their name if i want to address them respectfully instead of going "hey you"

@rabbithearth @Kat @saper

I don't consider it disrespectful but I could imagine some people may; some people are offended by the existence of trans people, and so it seemed worth prefacing to me. But I'm not most people. ^_^

transmisia mention 

transmisia mention 

transmisia mention 

transmisia mention 

@Kat This is, perhaps oddly, the most hope-inducing thing I've heard all week.

Thank you for sharing <3

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