next time someone tells me rabbits don't have beans i'm telling them i got bean implants

@Kat these sort of things are such strange hills to die on.
"Um, rabbits don't have paw pads, actually"
"She's cold-blooded, she wouldn't have boobs!"
Cool dude, go yell about how hollywood gets physics wrong

@Decimal frankly it's a testament to human ingenuity and tenacity

we'll put beans and titties on fuckin' ANYTHING

@Kat "please, you can't just put tits on any-"
*points at a plane* "My big tittied planesona"

@Decimal @Kat I swear I am THIS CLOSE to making a big titty vehicle OC unironically

@Decimal @Kat tbh i already have more OCs than I can afford to commission art of

@Galuade @Kat so what you're saying is that one more won't make much of a difference

@Kat also i wanna point out that the thing with me saying bunnies dont have paw pads irl doesnt mean you cant have paw pads

@pup_hime lmao i think it was actually me that said it and everyone stopped the session for 20 seconds to go google it all at once

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