hot take, if you're taking a lyft or an uber or something right now, you need to leave a tip if you can at all afford it

if i drive someone half a mile and the fare is $6 (and the system penalizes you for skipping this passenger), that can break down to:

- 10 minutes driving to you
- 5 minutes driving you to the place
- ⚠️ 15 minutes sterilizing the back seat to keep my car safe for yall ⚠️
- lyft takes $4
- ~$1 spent in gas
- 10 mins waiting for the next ride

i've made $1 in 40mins

please tip

if you can't afford to tip though, please don't

i'd rather operate at a loss and help someone who's struggling get somewhere than take your food/rent money from you

but if it's party night then maybe set aside $5 to tip your driver

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i wish i could just have a note up on the back seat saying "i am trying to buy a vagina please help" but alas

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also rideshare apps please don't fucking require sterilizing the car between rides but still enable the thing that automatically queues up more rides so you can't stop between them or you get penalized

at least pretend you give a shit

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also tip for longer rides too because when your driver has to go back home later, they have to drive back the way they came because you put them out of sector and they're not getting paid for that leg of the trip

you know what just tip for every ride if you can, rideshare apps are designed to only pay us for like 1/4 of the mileage we do to begin with

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@pup_hime uber refuses to let me drive for them because my car is too new and it passed a tougher inspection than the shittier inspection they want submitted

so i'm doin lyft

@luna @pup_hime welcome to uber

there's no support line, please enjoy your stay

GRS shitpost 

@deejvalen @Kat i meant more like
"saving up for medical costs"

GRS shitpost 

@pup_hime @deejvalen i might get into the habit of slipping it in during small talk if the passenger is a talker, but a sign feels weird to have haha

GRS shitpost 

@Kat @pup_hime pick me up at the airport and I'll laugh and tip big and offer ya lunch too

GRS shitpost 

@deejvalen @pup_hime if you're ever at MSPA i'll absolutely pick u up

GRS shitpost 

@deejvalen @pup_hime i mean i think it was minneapolis st. paul airport first but i'll pick you up from there too i guess

GRS shitpost 

@Kat @pup_hime no no airport's good please keep me away from homestunk


@Kat fair enough
i know some ppl are less likely to tip if you put up a "pls tip" sign

re: GRS 

@Kat it may be pc mealymouthed shit but may i suggest

"all tips appreciated to go to medical expenses"

re: GRS 

@wigglytuffitout that seems the most PC, i wonder if it'd just make passengers angry for some reason though

re: GRS 

@Kat i mean you might have to then deflect from people trying to sell you essential oils and wanting to know what the medical expenses are



might be more of a hassle

@Kat would you recommend using the app to tip (it's been long enough since I've used Lyft that I don't remember if that's an option, but I think so) or cash?

@troodon I believe Lyft doesn’t take a cut out of tips, so it’s easier for bank/tax stuff to use the app

also paper money can transmit covid probably

@Kat okay, good to know. and yah, agreed on the transmission possibility--that's something I was very worried about wrt: the app companies that were skimming digital tips. :| it's a double-punch bullshit move, both depriving employees of desperately needed additional income and increasing the danger to the employees if they spread the word about this and people want to *help* make up for tip wage theft.

@Kat Same for ordering food. I used to drive for Doordash. The ONLY reason it was acceptable was because I got away with doing small orders on a motorcycle in California. Lane splitting saves time, motorcycle saves fuel. The few times someone tipped were godsend.

@Kat @witchfynder_finder I either fucked up the taxes my first year or cheated this year, I'm not sure which, but also you pay taxes on the gross fare, not your cut of it, and may or may not be able to deduct their cut

@Kat @witchfynder_finder also I am 1000% not doing uber while there's a plague on, Doordash feels a lot safer where I am the only person allowed to breathe inside my car

@robotcarsley @witchfynder_finder i’m taking like severe precautions and if I do much as cough I’m signing off and staying home, and even then I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t have trans stuff to pay for

@Kat @witchfynder_finder yeah, I'm actually on break from it because I can barely squeak by at the moment, but I'm about to have to do some so I can pay my phone bill. Love too live in a functioning country

@Kat jesus christ they take that much???

i use bolt over here but i need to look into that

@enbyss depends on a lot of factors, but yeah when I’ve taken a Lyft I usually pay like $4 more than I get paid driving someone that distance

I also don’t see any of the surge pricing increase, it can cost 4x as much and Lyft takes all of it

and it’s still better than Uber by far

@Kat @a_bun Agreed 100%. I'm currently a tipped worker, & have done both tipped work & traditional wages. Until society shifts & forces fair wages for all, people who are serviced by tipped workers absolutely must do all they can to support them. To do any less is selfish & immoral in my mind.

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