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Anapa with Egyptian lute or Anapa with modern synth guitar?

oh, I should post music I make on YouTube and stuff right

"Draw Anubis already"
"Damn it"

oh, and @Haruki visited me on Friday but I never got around to posting this

I'm kind of limited by the library I have though right now. Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 is very well suited for very gentle flowing pieces, but doesn't do too well if I want to make anything sound epic or intense

Berlin Inspire 1 would be a better all-rounder for that but 💸

kind of excited with what I can do now!! what should I cover next? some folk song?? Night In The Woods? who knows

I should make a thumbnail cover, hm

Finished my first music work 💦 FL Studio 20 is pretty alright

Cover of "Air" from Suite No. 2 by Bach in D major.


Hey gamers, a huge bill came in out of nowhere and I just started a new job where I'm not gonna get paid until the 1st (at the earliest). I have zero money for food and groceries for the rest of the month. If you can help at all that would be amazing


$65 commission for @sky of her sona as a Terran researcher! Thank you 🔬


this dorm is alright except for the fact that you set off the smoke alarm every time you want to toast some bread

this is nearly done and I guess I'll release it somewhere ha

$65 commission for @sky of her sona as a Terran researcher! Thank you 🔬


jupiter's planning some shit btw. shifty bastard

europa is a weird bloody moon to paint innit

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