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Hi! I'm Kav.

I'm a Japanese/Hong Kong digital artist, currently in Canada for studies. Any pronouns are fine, but I think most people tend to use he/him/his.

I draw a lot of furries, fashion, guns, cars, spaceships, graphic design, and many other things. You will however see my mostly spending my time with science fiction themes.An

Outside art, I can sort of code, do frontend web dev, do more vague computer things, among other things I can't recall.

Communications and computer infrastructure in the farther reaches of Terran space can be a bit spartan at times, but anarchists know better than to fawn over the latest and greatest equipment.

tbh this is just reminding me of the episode of Postman Pat where he has to fucking jump onto a moving train from a police car to save two guys

(rest assured modern Terran trains are indeed modern)

Today I ran into a crew who were working on a magazine piece about ancient technology enthusiasts


this month's pewdiepie fiasco 

there are also some other things that I'm not showing like how Neli can use the rifle sling to control opponents or how Jaslyne would actually twirl to better deflect incoming shots with their shield, but that's for a fantasy future where I can animate

All modern Terran forces have some degree of martial arts under their belt - of course, Wintertide would have the most advanced techniques

Sketch, scifi guns, martial arts 

(here, making eye contact shows you're listening and engaged with what the other person is saying)

like learning about eye contact here, I've had trouble with that in the past but I think I'll be able to get a better grasp of it from now on

I had my first anthropology class and I feel like it's helping me contexualise my life here as a Hong Kong-Japanese immigrant in Canada somewhat

expensive textbooks help 

I don't know if I should apply for FF3 this year, it seems I don't draw the things they like to see

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