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Hi! I'm Kav.

I'm a Japanese/Hong Kong digital artist, currently in Canada for studies. Any pronouns are fine, but I think most people tend to use he/him/his.

I draw a lot of furries, fashion, guns, cars, spaceships, graphic design, and many other things. You will however see my mostly spending my time with science fiction themes.An

Outside art, I can sort of code, do frontend web dev, do more vague computer things, among other things I can't recall.


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streamed with ratbat and concluded it with this drawing of a majestic bird in flight

I guess this is less WIP and more...early access for patrons? hm

[WIP] High Note
Working on some paintings of everyone's favourite kind of loser god

in a state of perpetual fear of what other people think I look like online

sketched a thing in FL Studio, not sure where it's going or what it'll be for

actually let's try doing some music again

or any kind of art for that matter

I should probably get some drawing done for once whoops


:blobnotlike: blocking ads is evil grr
:blobuwu: HTTP is a pull-based medium. it is within the original philosophy of HTTP to selectively pull the data, for example, a device that doesn't support images won't download them. by circumventing ad "blocking", you are spitting in the face of HTTP. a more accurate term would be ad rejection. ads are not "blocked", they are simply not asked for.

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