Hi! I'm Kav.

I'm a Japanese/Hong Kong digital artist, currently in Canada for studies. Any pronouns are fine, but I think most people tend to use he/him/his.

I draw a lot of furries, fashion, guns, cars, spaceships, graphic design, and many other things. You will however see my mostly spending my time with science fiction themes.An

Outside art, I can sort of code, do frontend web dev, do more vague computer things, among other things I can't recall.

My primary worldbuilding project is +700, a post-cyberpunk ultracontemporary science fiction setting set 700 years in the future.

The revolution has come and gone, and we've made a couple of friends in this big, dark, galaxy, but our work isn't done yet.

In +700 (and my artwork in general, expect to see

※ Lots of scenery and vistas
※ The lack of round corners
※ Political leanings of a specific kind
※ A flavour of military sci-fi I will be trying to explore with context to said political leanings.

Oh, and if you have any questions about +700, I am working on a codex website, but that's still under construction, so feel free to just ask.

@Kavaeric oh whoa your art is super neat!!! hopefully you find an accepting and fun community here :>

@Kavaeric also your style is already leading me into this universe you are building, two toots and i am also
already full of the joy of discovery

@daylight they're iakans!! I can do a little post about them if you want

@Kavaeric anubis is extra sharp ^^ I dig your style a bunch, the colors are sweeeet

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