The Korrenian cut is a common Terran style of formalwear. It notably features a crossrobe and a large torso shawl with short sleeves, often paired with a symmetrically split gown with a large front opening.

The Luna light cut is a Terran style of formalwear worn almost exclusively in Sol. A fairly casual style, it is worn with an untucked sash, a simple shoulder shawl, asymmetry, and large sleeve cuffs.

The Luna full cut is a Terran style of formalwear worn almost exclusively in Sol. Although more elaborate than its lighter counterpart, it is still considered fairly casual. The cut features a much larger asymmetrical shawl, a neater sash, and a neckpiece, like a bow.

The flat cut is a highly versatile style of Terran formalwear worn all over Juxta Sagittaria. The simple styles of jackets and layering of clothing allow styles for a variety of circumstances, but the style typically sports a cutout shirt and no shawl.

The Neptunian style of formalwear is quite similar to the flat cut, but often has a much smaller neck window and incorporates a tailjacket. The more casual variant keeps the legs open and only involves two layers.

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