Drafted a design of the Martian flag for +700 as part of a commission.

Because Mars is red.

I'm Japanese, of the country of the best municipal flags, so don't fuck with me

Probably also worth pointing out the placement of the mountain within the hammer + sickle is not accidental - sort of an obtuse metaphor for "with our work, we can move mountains"

Anyway, if you practice hard enough you can crap these out in half an hour like I do lol

@Kavaeric Rad. Flag and crest design is such a cool part of world-building when it's done well.

@Kavaeric ooh this is a really cool and well thought out design 🤩

@Felthry +700 is my worldbuilding project, see pinned post and website

@Kavaeric ohh, okay, I'll have to give that a look later!

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