Never satisfied with character designs, always changing them sometime down the line...

A halfand synth friend

Picked up Minecraft and the first thing I'd do is, of course, install shaders

scifi railgun 

scifi gun furry 

scifi laser pistol 

scifi railgun 

scifi railgun and FRENCH of all things 

Hey everyone! I've touched up my Patreon, reworking my bio, the tier setup, and goals. Check it out, and thank you for your support!

🌸 🌸

Now I just have to decide on the Terran banner composition...

Stream is up for people who want to watch my process for emblem design. Don't feel afraid to ask questions!

I'm currently doing a redesign of the Terran emblem, as well s the seal of the Terran Social Democrats.

🎤 + 🎵

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