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still on the fence about Jaslyne's name and Neli's signature. could probably use more work and thought

The Neptunian style of formalwear is quite similar to the flat cut, but often has a much smaller neck window and incorporates a tailjacket. The more casual variant keeps the legs open and only involves two layers.

quick militia concept doodle before bed

possum boy prolly stays here along with their mates


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open for these again, if anyone is interested

The flat cut is a highly versatile style of Terran formalwear worn all over Juxta Sagittaria. The simple styles of jackets and layering of clothing allow styles for a variety of circumstances, but the style typically sports a cutout shirt and no shawl.

The Luna full cut is a Terran style of formalwear worn almost exclusively in Sol. Although more elaborate than its lighter counterpart, it is still considered fairly casual. The cut features a much larger asymmetrical shawl, a neater sash, and a neckpiece, like a bow.

@Pixley is it a shitpost or a textbook background image?

A lot can happen in twenty years. Try seven hundred

The Luna light cut is a Terran style of formalwear worn almost exclusively in Sol. A fairly casual style, it is worn with an untucked sash, a simple shoulder shawl, asymmetry, and large sleeve cuffs.

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