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Hey everyone! I've touched up my Patreon, reworking my bio, the tier setup, and goals. Check it out, and thank you for your support!

🌸 🌸

today, a friend of mine who thought she was a libertarian is now coming to terms with the fact that she may have been an anarcho-communialist all along

I mean I guess I could play off the Socialist Do Whatever The Fuck You Want attitude and just leave it up in the air

Now I just have to decide on the Terran banner composition...

Stream is up for people who want to watch my process for emblem design. Don't feel afraid to ask questions!

I'm currently doing a redesign of the Terran emblem, as well s the seal of the Terran Social Democrats.

🎤 + 🎵

Some really complicated things happened regarding my future in Canada so I might be a little bit out of it for some time.

Anyway, if you practice hard enough you can crap these out in half an hour like I do lol

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