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stream, self-promo, Signs of the Sojourner 

I'm gonna' start a new playthrough if you're curious how the game starts!

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stream, self-promo, Signs of the Sojourner 

Gonna' get back to going through Racial Justice bundle games with Signs of the Sojourner! Even if I beat it tonight, I'm going to start a new playthrough immediately, I have places to explore

Made dinner and ate outside today, it's so pretty out

I can no longer go to cons and tell people to look at my pins

So look at my cute pins and show me yours!

commenting on a bad take I saw 

"Undertale is AAA in my book" is a real sentence I read on birdsite, the game that was made mostly by one person and his friends and not a giant corporation

Sfw nudity furry art 

I've had this fursona for almost a decade and now I finally have a ref sheet

so i *really* like :birdsite: @/SOMNUSNOVUS
's spectra and they let me draw him,,,,

It's such a cool retro game thing to have a static ending scene you can't click away from

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stream, self-promo, Suikoden 

I'm officially farther in Suikoden than I've ever been! Gonna' relax and hang out for 4ish hours

Hyper Light Doe-rifter for @Balina and !!

As soon as I saw Bal say the word Doe-rifter I just, I just HAD to the idea popped fully formed into my head

starting a bday gift for a friend, their sona as a dragon (normally a sergal)

Gave my final presentation at my internship and the CEO gave me a shout-out for being really good so hell yea

Just made a heart emoji at my husband with my hands and he giggled so I'm having a great fucking day

work talk 

2 hour meeting today and tomorrowwwww

NSFW M/M comic, oral 

Page 7! They have names!

nsfw furry shitpost 

softcore furry smut magazine of cute scalies with their tail in their maw and it's called Ouroboros

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