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I feel like I gotta' find another way to actually learn DIscrete Structures bc my teacher has no idea what she's doing tbh

Today is one of those days I feel super motivated to work ahead in my classes

Girl: I got a 69 on the test
Me: *Turning around and joining the conversation* Nice

Oh shit, I got an interview with one of the big tech places in town. I gotta' do a video interview for the first round and I'm sure it'll feel like a professional vlog

Is there a non-binary version of the fungi fun guy ?

I darned socks during dnd today and patched 4 holes

I had a friend tell me today,

"Thank you for being you"

And it's a really powerful thing to hear, I encourage you to tell someone in your life who deserves to hear the same

The wedding is exactly in three weeks wtf that's so soon

Both my friend and mine's online furry name was taken on Epic, so I'm KeliffUwU instead, even MORE of a furry name

I downloaded the Epic Games launcher just for Borderlands 3 so whoever wants to be friends on there just let me know!

Now that I'm taking entry level chemistry I have so much respect for anyone who does any of the higher level stuff

I tied my own tie today because my boyfriend wasn't there to do it for me I feel like such an adult

That was a really small successful career fair, I got an interview right on the spot from a company

110 other students are also doing this lmao

My chem class is a 7:40am class and it's always been possible to remote in and catch a lil livestream instead of being there and I'm gonna' try that today

I made sure to print copies of my resume for the career fair tonight because I know if I waited until the morning of the printer would be able to sense my fear and decide not to work

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