Can Dragon's purr?


WOW the universe heard me this morning, PROOF

Someone said it's from 'Vet in Another World'

@Keliff This.. looks awesome. Now if I could only find where to read this!

@david @Keliff Thank you, David! This looks easier to navigate than the site I had found. 💙

@SolKitty @Keliff It looks like for later issues it sends you to that other site, but I don't have a login to check

@Keliff From what I can tell, it's not published in English yet - but it's posted translated on several sites. I found it on this site, with the least amount of obnoxious/intrusive ads. Anyone else, pitch in if you know something better! I'm no manga expert by far. xD


manga excerpt: a human is petting a big dragon, the human says "you are good big derg / i <3 you" and the dragon is happy and purring and blushing a tiny bit and heck i wanna be that dragon

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