its almost 2AM and im sitting at my desk giggling like an idiot at the phrase "ellen the generous"

you ever see some cursed minecraft images and get inspired

i like to say stuff like "im an otter" or "im two inches tall" but the truth is that im a real genuine dumbass. just an absolute fucking buffoon

the zero no kiseki fan translation has been an absolute delight so far

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a lot of stressful things happened last night and today, and i made it through all of them relatively unscathed, but i still feel Exhausted and would like to be held

someone: kendan (as a whole person) is cute
me: lies, slander, not true
someone: kendan (the sona/character) is cute
me: fuck yeah he is what the fuck he's adorable

the artist allowed me to very unprofessionally slap some color on it did you know that i love my fursonas and think they're perfect

all three of my boys taking a selfie together, by @/kenzieddie on twitter 💙 ❤️ 💜

coming back to my kh2fm level 1 file after not touching it for months would be a terrible idea. im doing it

the zero no kiseki prequel manga's first few pages also perfectly demonstrate the only two correct depictions of estelle bright as a character

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i ate pizza and had a diet pepsi and i feel Refreshed and ready to be the best kendan i can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i beat sekiro

good game

i dont think i'll do a second playthrough though!

suddenly feeling quite tired and such, i think im gonna look at social media much less for the rest of the night........................ have a good evening/night everyone

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