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dunno if anyone here has played Ys VIII but i just went from getting Sahad all the way to The Fated Day in uh

two minutes

speedruns are cool

hey everyone!! i'm sorry i haven't been around lately, a friend's been visiting and i've been focusing on spending time with him rather than keeping up with posting online

hope everyone's doing good, how are y'all? <3

one of my best friends ever is here, in my house, taking a nap, and i have the biggest grin on my face

this is gonna be a good week :heart_pride:

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i was trying to describe percy in my head and was like "a swampert, but blue" and then i had to sit and think real hard about what i'd just thought

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rex is a good protagonist and i will die on this hill

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i think my favorite mbmbam tv show moment is still

"hey i just had an interesting thought

actually fuck this!"

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