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i was gonna say "i can explain" but i really cannot explain

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hey guys

hear me out on this one

kobold kendan (or illumen for that matter)

i want..... art of that someday

i briefly set my bag down on the way home and i was immediately visited by a literal angel

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gosh i really want......... cuddles

open invitation!

someone: you always talk about steins;gate what is it even about


i just wanna be two inches tall. it's a simple and reasonable request

someday after i finish the 347 JRPGs on my backlog i am gonna try out ffxiv and play as an illumen catboy

........kobold kendan? would that be good

i know there's still a little left to go, but i feel like i wanna cry from relief. i am crying a little bit, honestly

i... did it

two of my schools still need one more recommendation, but one school only needed the one i already got

so i applied. i finished my transfer application.

i actually did it...

im so tired. im just... exhausted, fully and completely

its physical and mental tiredness

i need a break, and i dont even know what i need a break from

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