I invested in a well-reviewed gaming mouse in the hopes its middle click would last longer. It died faster than the middle click on $10 mice. 1 year 3 months.

But I expected it. They only rate the non-middle click switches for millions of uses. I knew it was a gamble.

Next time, I'll just buy a cheap one.


On that note, you can get some cool music tools from my archive and, going forward indefinitely, cool 4k wallpapers and make sure I can afford to replace the increasingly shoddy equipment I need to make it.

Boosts are okay and appreciated. :blobhug:


This song was an early access post for all patrons. It's free now and really good. It'll give you an idea of what to expect. patreon.com/posts/daily-music-

I need 60-300 more patrons for one month so I can get this orchestral library. vis.versilstudios.com/vsco-pro

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