I know it’s in forks. I want it on this instance, which runs Mainstodon.

@Kye yeah a permission of “local only” is requested a lot. I think the friend.camp fork has that?

@pea @Kye It's a glitch-soc feature, so anything that runs that.

@Kye Whoa, so all our messages go out to everyone?

@ekbruliganto Everyone who follows you. And potentially everyone they follow if they boost your toot. Your toots also show in the federated timelines of instances your instance is connected to.

@Kye Interesting. It's my first day on here. The names "toot" and "boost" are hilarious. Mainly, "toot".

@ekbruliganto A lot of people complain about the words. But then I say most people will find them humorous and embrace the silly.

I haven't been wrong so far. :thinkerguns:

@Kye I'm definitely embracing the silly so far. It's a hoot!

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