I tried out the for-now free iZotope Ozone 8 Elements on this piano thing. The original is scheduled to post on Patreon in the near future. patreon.com/kyefox/posts?tag=M

This thing I made half a decade ago in LMMS is more fun than anything I made once I got serious about music. I should just go back to making chiptunes.

Have a little percussion loop to start your morning off right.

All the wild mixing of styles in Into the Spiderverse, especially comic and graffiti, gave me ideas. patreon.com/posts/out-of-spide

Here's some vibrations based on the fictional world I'm building. Some of them showed up in rough form on my Patreon. kyefox.bandcamp.com/album/frag

You: taking care to make your stories very serious and unique

Me: Putting a Star Trek reference in a fight with a giant robot in the distant post-apocalyptic future where people have limited records without enough context.

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