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[image uncaptioned; Magic: the Gathering, memetics]

@LexYeen ...I would absolutely play this as an alter if my LGS would allow it.

@Rewhan ...They don't allow alters in casual games?

@LexYeen tbh I haven't played MtG outside of sanctioned events in years so IDK honestly.

@Rewhan Ahhhh. Fair enough. Yeah, rules are a lot tighter for Official Sanctioned Wizards Of The Coast Events than they are for just showing up and throwing cardboard at each other in most places, from what I hear at least.

Magic: the Gathering memetics image description 

@packbat Thanks, I ran into character-limit problems when I tried to describe it in the image description field - I suppose I'm too verbose for my own good.

@LexYeen glad to be of service!

I gather that image descriptions don't need to be verbose for accessibility reasons, but it can be pretty hard to be succinct sometimes. I've run into the 420-character limit more than once.

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