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I know I've pretty much slipped into full "after-dark account" mode here lol, I hope that doesn't bother folk who followed this account before I'd made it clear on my profile. Thank y'all for sticking around tho.

Still, if you'd prefer a clean account, I'm also at @Lollie ✌️ 🦊

Microsoft just announced an all-digital version of the Xbox One S.

I am not joking, this isn't a bit: Xbox One SAD. Slim All-Digital.

Incidentally, the trailer for the Xbox One SAD *does* play out like a joke.

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Might fuck around and launch a blockchain for fursuits

This is just an unpolished Spyro 3 randomizer imo, it has potential

Like, read that list of anti-piracy tricks.

Pause is disabled, language randomly changes, some gems don't drop or are missing from stages entirely. Your health is halved. Collected eggs randomly disappear. Traveling between worlds can cause wrong-warps.

This is an extremely good set of pranks imo

Pitching a request for a Spyro 3 "Pirated" Speedrun, where you have to complete it by any means necessary while dealing with all the gameplay-altering anti-piracy measures that the game throws at you.

Speedrun ends when you reach the final boss, and the game resets all progress & overwrites your save.

I looove love love the character designs. The ends of Wednesday's pigtails are an extremely good detail.

Teaser trailer for the new Addams Family movie is making me *very* hopeful

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Oh lol I didn't realize this article was dated 2010. Video and pictures finally came out in 2016. Someone's gotta leak the pre-release version of the game eventually.

In full honesty, my emotions while watching that video gradually went from "Holy shit this rules" to "Goddamn this hurts." It looks *so good*, bring this one back.

I'm somehow three years late to learning about this: Rare was working on a remaster of GoldenEye 007 for Xbox Live Arcade. Cancelled in 2008.

Like, the original code running on the 360, with the ability to switch between original & remastered visuals.

I'm posting this b/c the next GCCX episode is Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

...but in looking this up, I've seen that it's actually a 1990 action-platformer spinoff where Ken has cybernetic implants, so hey turns out I'm ready to enjoy a Street Fighter game

I used to skip around GCCX seasons a ton, but now I'm catching up on unseen episodes in sequential order β€” which means I now have a much higher chance of running into episodes that I intentionally skipped because I already knew I didn't care about the game being featured, lol

Tbh the worst part about watching GameCenter CX while exercising is that sometimes the episode is on a game that I have negative interest in, like I'll see that my next episode is Mega Man or Street Fighter or whatever and my interest in exercising suddenly drops by half

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I recently nabbed an Xplorer FX cart for cheap, and it has the ability to interrupt the PS1 via the cart's physical on/off switch. So here I am, toying with the interrupt switch during Tekken 3's attract mode, and fucking up the graphics in the process.

I'm still listening to this track like two or three times a day, been a while since I encountered a track that evokes so much cool imagery in my head tbh

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It's kind of incredible that one of the best things to have come out of Polygon's video team to date was a live performance. This absolutely rules.

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