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I know I've pretty much slipped into full "after-dark account" mode here lol, I hope that doesn't bother folk who followed this account before I'd made it clear on my profile. Thank y'all for sticking around tho.

Still, if you'd prefer a clean account, I'm also at @Lollie ✌️ 🦊

Pants are something that I just cannot buy online, I need to be able to try them on, check the size of the pockets, etc. My wardrobe's shirts to pants ratio is 10:1 because of this, lol

What I would give for a local store with bright/pastel-color pants :blobtired:

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Evening, y'all, I'd like to reiterate Snouts' stance on Gab:

1. They will never be welcome here
2. They have been pre-emptively suspended/defederated for weeks now
3. beat the shit out of the fash

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Twitter Link (++), Game Dev and Unions Show more

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Basically I just want a Pokemon Minigame collection because they're all very good

Addendum: Bring back Pokemon Stadium for the counting game as well (I'm not kidding lol, the CPU made this game so goofy)

Bring back Pokemon Stadium specifically for the sushi minigame and nothing else imho

Just found out that Cadence of Hyrule has local two-player co-op, and now I'm super excited to have that to play with Zenuel when he moves over here :ameowbongo:

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Slamming a can of Razer's New Gamer Beverage "Respawn" as I crytype on the neogaf forums about being unjustly "name-zoned" from the Epic Game Store. My thread is swiftly deleted and I am banned on sight. This is my seventh attempt

Callout post for the GAMER who took the display name "Lollie" on the Epic game store before I could claim it: this is NOT epic, how dare you. there can only be one

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Games Done Quick starts next week! This is me digging through *some* of the schedule and picking the games that I'm most interested in seeing.

The times/dates in these screenshots are local to my timezone (GMT+10), the complete schedule with accurate times is available on GDQ's website. βœŒοΈβ€‹

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Random thought for thing revealed in Nintendo Direct Show more

My initial experience with Labo VR was the genuine shock-realization that Switch can do rotational tracking in VR *on its own, without the Joy-Cons attached*.

Like, even without positional tracking, cable-less VR on Switch is honestly kind of magical! I'm psyched for the potential of Switch VR. Now, if only Nintendo would release a proper Switch VR headset mount with straps.

(And maybe a new Switch DX with a 1080p screen? That would put it on par with PSVR.)

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