Basically if a character is 1) an animal, 2) small, and 3) even the slightest bit bratty, I will love them unconditionally.

Tbh "small" is optional but it WILL make me love them even more.

1) The Adventures of Gamba (look up "SenritsuSubs")

2) Eto Rangers

3) Bonobono ("GANGO Subs")

4) Cardcaptor Sakura
Available via Crunchyroll - The original series is region-locked, but the new series is freely available!

@Lollie did you get around to watching unicorn? I know you've been kinda busy being productive

@Lanceleoghauni Nooo I fell off the Gundam train pretty hard after IBO tbh, definitely want to return to Gundam though

@Lollie unicorn is pretty damn good and just... So pretty.

Also the protagonist is small and bratty

@Lollie I've never heard of this and, fifteen seconds into the credits, I already love them all

@caymanwent I was introduced to it just a couple months ago and I loved basically the whole thing, it's a real hidden gem

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