Why do we all have to wear these *ridiculous* ties? 🦊💢

Last boost of this Theoretical Fussicist for tonight. :blobnerd:

@Lollie Every time I see your art my face just lights up. It’s always a highlight and brings a splash of color and joy to my day. Thank you for sharing it with us.


@Lollie but it looks good on you!
at least ur ramen bowl is safe

wait gordon no

@dogo *hamfists the buttons on the breakroom microwave until my bowl of ramen explodes*

@Lollie we're conducting science in here, no time for nutritional pedantry and snack breaks

@Lollie real talk lollie looks soft as heck in suit

@Lollie alternate version where the tie is just a slab of cardboard, i.e. as it appears in the game

@pupy A dress shirt where the tie is literally just painted onto the front

@Lollie i refuse to believe those dont exist already

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