Next step is to rig him up to the default player skeleton.

And then I've gotta add extra bones for his tail, and pray that simply adding bones doesn't result in a ton of animations being broken. :blobtired:

And *then* I'll have to edit a bunch of animations, and pray that I can export altered animations without breaking a million other things in the process. :blobtired: 💦

It's gonna be A Time.


* TAIL!!!
* lil stompy beans uwu

@dogo All of these things are essential to doing a good science!! I pray they will be enough for me to avoid doing a resonance cascade

@Lollie the whiskers wiggling coefficient of intuitive impeding danger measurement is bound to keep you on the right track!

@Lollie does fussy tail move independently? if yes then u have a secondary method of avoiding dangers, bound to the rotational momentum of said mass of hair particles

@dogo God I *hope* I can make his tail move properly. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it happen!!

@Lollie i got tiny doubts HL1 has planned tail physics, not enough foresight from valve unu. Maybe if you can use some form of an inertia readout to have it sway opposite the direction youre going

@dogo Naw lol, I'm gonna have to just add bones to the default rig and animate the tail for some of the animations. Pray that the new bones don't fuck up anything, and patch up the animations that do get fucked up

@Lollie never messed with any of these but immm sensing smol troubles

godspeed tho lollie!!

@Lollie totally loving those paw-print boots over here, a very nice touch!

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