@Lollie Ahhh!! I'm glad you got this fully working! It looks perfect!

@Galuade Would you believe, I am already very much on top of this (I was trying to brute force through some animation issues lmao)

@Lollie is this

1. advanced yoga
2. imitating a space genre bullet hell game where the weapons are articulated
3. foxes showing off flexibleness

@dogo Yoga so advanced he can dodge bullets, theoretical physics being applied VERY hard here

@Lollie Nice one! I hope to see copious amounts of the "Oh no I've been shot in the bum" animation in the future.

@Lanceleoghauni It's okay, he's been trained by Black Mesa, absolutely nothing will go wrong

@Lollie also can i comment on like, ur presentation skills for these sorta completed things. good shit

@dogo Thank you!! I do try to present these things nicely (or at the very least, get a little carried away)

@Lollie man I don't think it'll ever stop being weird to see him blown up to proper humanoid proportions

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