Saw a cool shading technique employed as a visual effect, had to see how quickly I could emulate it.

Answer: About 5 minutes for the basic effect w/ After Effects & Trapcode Form, lol. Spent another 20 mins playing with variations.

(b&w photo found via

lol @ how much the thumbnails for these images end up looking like the original photo, whoops. Gotta open 'em to see the effect.

@Lollie oh ive seen this used a bunch lately! no idea what its called or how its processed but it looks neat on portraits n stuff

@dogo Yeah! Wish I knew what the technique is called, it's super cool


The regular pattern of lines makes my monitor make some weird sounds. I'm not sure if this is a problem or if it just adds to the effect.

@Inumo Damn, my PC makes a weird high frequency specifically with the blocky picture. I'm sure it's not harmful, def kinda funky though.

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