Don't worry, new shirts that were purchased on a whim because they were on sale for $5, I'm sure he says that to *all* the boys.

Bumping this for local because I post my doodles at weird hours!!

I swear, I'm gonna get some regular-neck undershirts just to make these cheap plain deep-neck shirts work in public

@Lollie but if the hole was smaller we wouldn't see the cute chest fur tuft, it's one of the most important parts of furry anatomy

@Lollie secret micro fetish for feeling like you’re too small for your shirt confirmed

@AxelLycan The shirt itself fits fine, the neck is the problem!

@Lollie i just realized i've like... done this same shit too many times just bc i saw cute shit

small ice cream pop tanktop when i wear extra smalls - check
medium size keith haring shirt when i wear small - check
size 30 flamingo shorts when i wear a 28 - check

thank heck we got a cheap tailor nearby

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