It's taken me a million years to get around to it, but I'm finally playing with NESmaker. Extremely early days, got this idiot walking into the abyss. 🦊

@Lollie I'll avoid putting these into my game because they seem to be very impassable, but at the same time it does look like it'd make a nice sweater pattern

@roxy @Lollie this lowkey reminds me of gameboy memory corruptions and these would just fill the screen in random places

@cdmnky @Lollie I like it a lot

me personally I dont have the patience for assembly

@cdmnky @roxy Similar thing happening here! There's no death plane, so I just ended up falling into a "null" map. The background is just a 16x16 tile from the first graphics loaded into memory, the HUD.

@Lollie @cdmnky me I just whipped open one of my rooms in gamemaker and drew the texture as a tiled background and made a shitpost

@Lollie @cdmnky I use gamemaker so I can use bitwise operators once in a while and feel like a mega hacker

@roxy Fuuuck, I want that hypothetical glitch sweater now, highly agree

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