[Roy Campbell voice] Vulcan Fussy... tenacious and tiny. 🦊🔥

Y'all don't know how thoroughly I played myself by coloring this up. This was supposed to be my warm-up for two "larger" pieces.

It turned out to be the most complicated one to get right, all because of the cannon and ammo barrel, lmao.

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@Lollie i legitimately thought you rendered out the ammo barrel and just drew lollie on top before i looked closer

@dogo I wish I rendered the barrel!! Dang thing was a lot of work

@Lollie maybe an idea for future stuff? :3c idk how hard it'd be to get that kind of render style going

@Lollie do you think fuss can bloom, even on a battlefield?

@Moot A fussy fox is more dangerous than a jackal

@Lollie Unfortunately, fussing is one of those things that gets easier the more you do it

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